• Gym Lingo

    by {Mandrills Gym}

    Terms You May Hear at the Gym If you spend time in a weight room or around people that regularly do strength exercises, you might hear the following gym lingo terms:   One Repetition Maximum (1RM): The maximum amount of weight that can be lifted one time. Some strength programs are designed based on this... read more

  • Why do I Eat What I Eat?

    by {Mandrills Gym}

    Far too often our diets are based on what someone else may think or eat. For example, poor eating habits are often handed down through a family like old clothes. When I was a kid... read more

  • Exercise for Seniors

    by {Mandrills Gym}

    Lee strode across the exercise room to the next weight machine. She leaned over and set the stack of weights to the thickness of several New York City phone books. She sat down and slowly curled her body forward... read more

  • Young Adult Fitness Protects Heart Health in Middle Age

    by {Mandrills Gym}

    Cardiorespiratory fitness in early adulthood significantly decreases the chance of developing high blood pressure and diabetes — both major risk factors for heart disease and stroke... read more

  • Women and Weight Loss

    by {Mandrills Gym}

    Women trying to lose weight can benefit as much from a moderate physical activity as from an intense workout, according to a new study supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)... read more

  • Exercise and Bone Health

    by {Mandrills Gym}

    Physical activity is an essential factor in bone health. The skeletal benefits of exercise have been demonstrated throughout the life cycle. Exercise can positively affect peak bone mass in children and adolescents... read more

  • Explanation of Terms You May Hear at the Gym